Yoga Class


Tuesday 9:15 warm flow 

Wednesday 8 am hot yoga

Friday 7 am warm flow

Intro special 2 weeks for $15.00

Drop-in $12.00

5 class card $55.00 (5 month expiration)

10 class card $100.00 (5 month expiration)

Month unlimited $90.00

Privates $45.00 per hour

$5.00 off a class per new student you send!



Gentle yoga is designed for people with injuries, chronic conditions or those just looking for a slower paced class.  We will focus on balance, strength and the flexibility of your body while concentrating on breath and relaxation in a peaceful way.  This is in a warm (not hot) room.  1 hour class. 


Hot Hatha Yoga is a 75 min class done in a heated room. It is a healing but challenging class.  Based upon 26 traditional postures and two breathing exercises.  It is designed to work every part of your body. Every muscle, tendon, organ, gland, nerve and joint, while building strength, flexibility, balance and endurance.   There is no weight-bearing on the wrists so it is appropriate for those with chronic conditions. There are modifications for all postures for those with limiting conditions.   Hatha is challenging enough for the seasoned practitioner yet slow enough for the new student.  All levels welcome!


Power flow is done in a warm room. This is a moving style of yoga.  Where poses run together in a slow, fluid way connecting with your breath almost like a dance.  Sometimes holding postures longer to really feel the heat and other times moving a bit quicker, working hard while learning to relax.  People are encouraged to move within their limitations to create a safe but invigorating practice. All levels without physical limitations are welcome as modifications will be presented.    75 min class.

All classes will help you achieve core strength, flexibility and balance for an overall healthier body that helps you keep doing all those other activities you enjoy!

Class space is limited so please e-mail, text or call to let me know you are coming or if you have any questions. (360-333-9705 or hotyoga@msn.com)

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